Pinocchio review

pinocchioPinocchio was another story at the top of my list of creepy stories to read. As a grown up reading this story, I think that it’s filled with great fantasy. The chapters are quick and Collodi’s vocabulary and syntax make it easy to turn the page.

Poor Geppetto. He really has his hands full. Pinocchio is a big ol’ mess. He’s rambunctious, manipulative, stubborn, & selfish. But what pre-school aged child isn’t? (I’m not 100% sure how old Pinocchio really is, I picture him being 3 years old based on his behaviors). He just goes from one trouble to the next which causes him to be away from home. And Geppetto has no idea where his little boy could be.

I work with children that have behaviors and sometimes their tantrums are actually funny. Pinocchio to me is a story about what it’s like to go through your terrible 2’s and always be in trouble. Everyone told Pinocchio to behave but he was so stubborn he had to learn the hard way. So to me, some parts were kind of funny.

Ok. There are some crazy scenes, if you read it from a child’s point of view, which by the way I don’t recommend reading this to a child. Like the time Pinocchio smashes the cricket with a hammer. But he comes back later on. (Doesn’t seem to be a problem with Kenny). Pinocchio also gets hung in a tree. But if you really think about it, Pinocchio can’t die from being hung, he’s made of wood! These are supposed to be life lessons.

honest john

In the Disney movie, Pinocchio has 4 adventures: he meets Stromboli, he runs into Honest John and Gideon, he goes to Pleasure Island, and he finds Monstro. In the book, Pinocchio gets into a lot of trouble. A lot. Those 4 scenes are in the story but there are many, many more.

My favorite part was when Pinocchio met the blue fairy. That scene reminded me of Coraline.

I imagined Pinocchio was gone for about 2 years, I didn’t really count how long each of his adventures were. But let’s say he’s now 5 and it seems like he finally learned his lesson. He evens out and becomes a real boy just in time for kindergarten!!

This book is kind of creepy, but it’s also fun! I really liked it. No, I loved it!! I would totally recommend it to adults. Keep an open mind and remember… It’s pretend!!!

My next book is The Once and Future King by T.H. White. It’s about the Wart. Can you guess which Disney story that is?

Peter Pan review


my Tinkerbell drawing

I love the Disney version of Peter Pan and when I found out that the original story was dark and twisted, I had to read it! I was thinking sort of like a Stephan King type of twisted, but there was nothing creepy about this story at all. Sure, there’s death and Peter likes to kill. But how is that different from Tom & Jerry?

I love the fantasy of it. I love the flying, the mermaids, the fairies, the pirates, everything!!! Peter Pan, not so much. He’s just a bratty, cocky, selfish boy who needs a spanking.

When Peter leaves Neverland, the island is at peace. The lost boys, the pirates, and the indians are doing their own thing, never fighting. When Peter is there, everyone is at war. Clearly, he is the problem. I’m with Hook on this one, we don’t like his arrogance.

With that said, I couldn’t get through this story. The book makes absolutely no sense to me. The style of writing is very hard to understand. I felt as though a lot of things were implied and not stated. I was often left with more questions than answers. If the words flowed better, I think I would have enjoyed the story more. Would I recommend this for a kid’s bedtime story? NO!! For adults? It’s up to you, lots of people liked it on Goodreads.

I didn’t like it.

I need coffee. 

We ran out of coffee creamer yesterday. I could be enjoying this lovely morning off, blogging, with a nice cup of coffee, but we ran out of coffee creamer. I’m home all day today with nothing to do, so I figured I’d write an update of my life. Did I mention I’m going to do this without coffee?

I’m stuck at home today because Chris took my car to work. His truck is in the shop getting a new transmission. So we’ve been taking turns missing out on work. He missed out yesterday. For today I have plans to do some blogging, chores, and serious lounging at the pool.

The summer is always hard. A lot of our clientele falls through because of vacations. We have plans to go to Busch Gardens and then to Georgia to visit my parents. Hopefully we’ll get to do both. (would sip on some coffee).

Chris is in his last semester of school. He started his internship in May, which means he has 10 months left until he graduates. I started my 2nd semester of school and I’ve registered with the board to prepare for my supervision. I have to watch some modules and take a quiz before I can begin my hours.

[Gone for 30 minutes.]

AAAhhaa!! I just remembered I have tea!! I made some, I couldn’t take it any longer. Now I feel as though my morning blogging can begin.


I am thinking about making a wedding website. I figured since our entire family will be coming from out-of-town, a website would be a great way to keep everyone in the know; and it would save me a ton of money on paper and postage. I found some themes on wordpress that even had wedding widgets like an RSVP and Guestbook. Lots of planning happening at the moment.

Happy Tuesday!!

Wedding Planning


The time has finally come to start planning my dream disney wedding!! Ever since I was 18, I would dream of having my Cinderella wedding at Disney. But I never actually thought it would happen. Now, the opportunity is here and the time is right. I’m going to make this happen!! 

I really hope a Disney wedding is within my budget. Disney doesn’t book venues more than 12 months in advance; but, at 16 months, they will do consults to discuss any information you need. RIght now, all I know is the information that is provided on their site. But I have so many questions!! I have to wait until October to book my consult.

Check out my cute little countdown in the side bar ——–>

At the moment, I am planning our engagement photos. I have a couple of Disney ideas floating in my head. I’m trying to make all the pieces fit.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan A while back while browsing through the book store, I found Peter Pan and Pinocchio. I purchased them, because Disney. And then, they remained on my book shelf.

Last week I was watching Into the Woods, and I realized I wanted to read all the original fairy tales. I found a couple of articles online that discussed the original stories behind Disney’s fairytales. Both Peter Pan and Pinocchio were on that list, so I started with Peter Pan.

This book is a little bit confusing. The language and the way they talk to each other is a little tough to understand.

Wendy and the boys have arrived in Neverland. Capt. Hook has fired the first shot.

Breakfast at Be Our Guest

Stacey and I celebrated our 32nd Birthday at Disney (of course). We had breakfast at Be Our Guest. This restaurant is amazing! We ordered our food first and they told us to sit anywhere and our food would be delivered. After we ordered, we walked around and checked out the 3 rooms to choose from. We decided to sit in the Castle Gallery because it was the quietest. And can you believe it, our breakfast arrived in the room we chose!!! They must have followed us through our magic bands.

I loved the ambiance. The food, not so much. I ordered the crepe off the kid’s menu because I love crepes. But these were kind of bland. (I’m a picky eater, remember?)

After breakfast, we had fast passes for Enchanted Tales with Belle. This was the best thing ever!!! Everyone participates in the story. Children/Adults are picked from the audience to act out the characters from the story. The rest of the audience provides the back up sounds. And at the end, you can take pictures with Belle!!!

2015-06-19 21.00.33-1

We had so much fun!!

Friday Favorites: Wardrobe Upgrade

I haven’t updated my wardrobe in a long time. My closet consists of jeans/tshirts/sneakers for work. And then those articles spill over to the weekends.

One of my internal struggles had to do with how I should look for my age. I definitely don’t dress my age. I love graphic tees and funky socks!! My favorite shirt at the moment is my Pikachu shirt. Did I mention I’m in my 30s?

I purchased a couple of dresses from PinupGirlClothing and Unique-Vintage in hopes that this would make me feel more grown up, but with in Florida heat, I was really uncomfortable. I’m going to try a new style this summer. I’m going to wear the graphic tees I love, shorts, and sandals.

Graphic Tees: 

I love all of these!!! I definitely need a new Disney shirt. And just look at all those cute mash-ups Tee Turtle has!!

1. Beauty Tee by Adorkable Apparel

2. Nine Tails by Tee Turtle

3. On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink by Tee Turtle

4. Rebel Princess by Tee Turtle


As much as I love wearing jeans, it’s getting extremely hot and uncomfortable to even wear that! I need to buy some shorts. These highwaisted shorts are just too cute. I can’t wait to get them.

1. Take a Staycation Shorts by ModCloth

2. Borneo to be Wild Shorts by Modcloth


I used to wear only Converse shoes. I have transitioned to flats very nicely. I actually love flats!! And I need to add more to my collection.

1. Amora 2 by Mel Shoes

2. American Eagle by Payless