4 Years


Over the weekend, Chris and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. We had lunch at Tony’s. And we shared the plate of spaghetti! Tony’s is located on Main Street right next to Mickey Mouse/Tinkerbell meet and greet. I have walked past this place many times and never even noticed it! I found it looking for lunch reservations online, and this was one of the options left. Everything else was full!

I’m so glad I found it. The restaurant is really nice. Chris said their calamari was delicious. The spaghetti was good. It was too saucy for me (picky eater remember?).  The ambiance was laid back and nice.

I got new ears!!! Have I mentioned I collect Mickey Ears? These match my outfit perfectly!


Friday Favorites

I’m not a religious person, but I do participate in Lent. A couple of years ago I decided that instead of giving up something, I would do something new to better myself.

For the loooongest time, I have been saying that I want to switch to organic products. I researched a lot of do-it-yourself ideas, and in the end…I’m too lazy! Luckily, I know a store in Disney that will solve all my problems: Basin.


Basin is an all natural, cruelty free, bath and beauty store located in Downtown Disney. There is also a smaller version, Basin White inside the Grand Floridian Resort.

I started Lent a little late this year because of the move. I waited til the move to throw out all my shampoos and once we got settled, I headed out to Downtown Disney. (which was last week).

lemon shampooI went and I bought their Egg Noggin’ shampoo bar and conditioner. It’s made with lemons to remove oil.

I’ve only been using this for a week. And so far me likey! It lathers up so frothy. And instantly!!!

As far as my hair being oily, I did notice that the conditioner doesn’t stay behind and make my hair extra oily. That was my problem: After washing my hair, conditioners would stay and make my hair creamer. Which is not good for me.

Less is more in this case.

I also purchased the Hair Nut shampoo and conditioner which is made with almonds and coconut to help damaged hair.

Next will be to start chaning my hair and makeup products, but that one is going to be more challenging. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear it!!

Random Disney Date

This never happens. I’m very much a planner. But on Sunday, things just happened on their own. Chris and I woke up early at 7 and finished everything by 10:00 am!! Can you believe it?!

Last week, the temperatures were in the 30s. Pretty freaking cold for Florida! By Sunday, the temperature was up again at 75. Beautiful day. We had to go outside. And what’s our favorite thing to do at Disney on beautiful days? Boat rides!!


We parked at Downtown Disney, and got on the ferry to Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside Resorts. These are one of my favorite places to visit! We rented a surrey bike at the Riverside’s Marina and toured the resort on their bike path. We had lunch at the French Quarter’s food court. I had their avocado burger, it was delicious. It was one of the best burgers I have eaten. The avocado was covered with lime. I looooove lime on my food.

Then, we went home. This ride is actually pretty nice. The hotels are far away so the boat ride lasts a while. In total, (waiting in line for boat+boat rides to hotels and car+bike tour+lunch) we spent about 3 hours there. It was a really peaceful get away from all those Disney crowds.

Lost in Transition

Chris and I are moving. Next week!


Lots of changes are happening. Fast.
* I started grad school.
* Our lease ended and we decided not to renew it.
* I got a new contract so I’m quitting my other jobs.
* Chris and I are discussing marriage.

So much stuff, it’s giving me anxiety. I’m nervous and excited for this change, but I just want it to happen already. I hate this waiting period. 5 more days.

Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s day, we had reservations at the Coral Reef Restaurant in Epcot. I made the reservations online with Disney World. If you ever visit Disney World, I recommend creating an account. This is where you can plan ahead for your trip. (I should write a post about it.)

Back to Epcot and the Coral Reef Restaurant.

coral reef

This restaurant is amazing! The ambiance is fantastic. I go to restaurants to enjoy the surroundings. This one is really nice. The dim lighting and the soft chit-chat made it feel very cozy. You can view the reef from any seat! Every once in a while we would see a new group of divers. Epcot DiveQuest allows guest to scuba dive in this reef. There is also a snorkeling version, for those not certified.

I’m not really a food-loving person, so I won’t be referencing any taste palates. I heard the Coral Reef Restaurant has great seafood, but I don’t eat that so I had the chicken. I’m used to eating chicken with rice or potatoes. This chicken came with a polenta cake. What’s a polenta cake?? I have no idea!! But this one tasted like Quiche with bacon. The combination was really delicious!! This place is a bit pricey, but I would definitely recommend for a special occasion.


Chris gave me this dress from PinupGirlClothing for christmas. I love it! I normally wear jeans, a graphic tee, and my vans/converse. I don’t wear makeup and I don’t style my hair. This year my resolution is to wear more skirts! I actually had fun dressing up!

Our next Disney Date will be on March 14. It’s our 4 year anniversary and it falls on Dapper Day!! We have lunch reservations at the Crystal Palace. I’m excited to celebrate these events!!

Disney Date

I haven’t mentioned that my bff Stacey has bought an annual pass to Disney!!! She stops by when she has lay overs in Orlando.

stacy and stacey

Here are some pictures of us through out the parks. I forgot to post these as they happened so I’m just grouping them all together. I’ve gotten Stacey into the habit of collecting Mickey Ears!! haha. They’re my favorite!

I don’t know when our next Disney Date will be, but Chris and I have one coming up for Valentine’s Day. We’re going to check out a new restaurant in Epcot.

Gray Mountain

I loved this book! I haven’t read a book since the Harry Potter series. I couldn’t get into reading for a while. Geez, wth was I doing with my life for the past 7 years? I find it hard to find a good book. I still haven’t figured out my genre. I mean, I love everything: fantasy, comics, romance, poetry. I am very picky about authors. I view literature as a form of art, and not everyone is artsy. I’m not only in it to read the story, if the writing is wrong, I can’t get passed the first chapter.

For example, 50 Shades of Grey. I’m sure it’s a great story, but I just couldn’t get passed the syntax errors. I would sit and stare at the sentences and I just wanted to get my red pen out. I felt as if a teenager wrote that book. Maybe if I was in high school, I could have read it. On the other end of the spectrum, Inferno (by Dan Brown). Although his writing is superb, the story was a formula, and I couldn’t get into it. The only thing that kept me going was how his words just flowed to the next page. I only read 3/4 of the book, I couldn’t do it anymore.

Gray Mountain was able to satisfy both: writing and story. The story is great. It caught my attention because I am an animal and environmental activist. It really fascinates me how man/ego thinks they can control everything. The story is about mining and companies blasting mountains for the money. Seriously, how big is your ego to think that this planet is yours? It’s sad.

Anyways, I really recommend this book! It as adventure, a little bit of romance, and some great people.

I found a quiz on facebook “Which Classic Literary Character Are You?” and I got Jane Eyre. I have never heard of this book before, but since I am like her, I’m sure to like it right? I bought the book, it should be here this week. I’m excited!